Saturday, November 19, 2011

Karma is Just around the Corner: Better Be Good to Yourself

Learn to see greatness in every situation

My Facebook home wall (not my profile wall) was recently bombarded by so many issues about karma from friends (well okay so I also posted one too just yesterday). Two of my friends posted how people who did them wrong was getting the bad karma they deserve. Some friends posted quotes on karma. Others simply posted the pain they felt after karma got back at them (regarding romantic relationships) and was making them depressed. Among all the post that was there, one post stood out as this friend started it with Karma is just around the corner….

Friday, November 11, 2011

Baby Steps to Greatness: Start by Making Good Habits

It's the things you do today that make-up your future

My uncle once gave the most important tip in studying effectively: read and understand the book from cover to cover “literally”. Whether it’s the copyright’s page, the index, the table of contents, the edition, or just the testimonials, reading these can greatly help in assimilating the lessons the author wrote in his book. He told me this after quizzing me with what I was reading – an Engineering book which I was surprised to see he understood more even if his profession was lined up in political science (take note he just read it then and there). It was then that I saw what was wrong with my study habits (particularly my reading). I love to read and did very well in class; but I could have performed even better.