Saturday, November 19, 2011

Karma is Just around the Corner: Better Be Good to Yourself

Learn to see greatness in every situation

My Facebook home wall (not my profile wall) was recently bombarded by so many issues about karma from friends (well okay so I also posted one too just yesterday). Two of my friends posted how people who did them wrong was getting the bad karma they deserve. Some friends posted quotes on karma. Others simply posted the pain they felt after karma got back at them (regarding romantic relationships) and was making them depressed. Among all the post that was there, one post stood out as this friend started it with Karma is just around the corner….

Karma is indeed just around the corner and is working on your life this very moment. 

We have always understood what karma is in the saying do unto others what you want others to do unto you. Actually there’s more to it than what it says. This message simply means that you have to get yourself accustomed to looking for positive things even in despairing and stressful situations. Training yourself to do this gets you programmed to see opportunities to greatness. How we interact with others is just a part of this process. You must understand that with every good thing you do to others is actually the result of practicing seeing greatness. You get a clear view of things making you react to it positively. The same goes if you only see shortcomings.

Let’s consider Karma as a lab teacher. After discussing the lessons it’s time to apply it in actual; and just like every class we’ve attended in school the rule “we make our own grades” still applies in life. Our grades are based in our class performance. If you listened very well to the lecture and made sure you assimilated the important information, you’ll definitely perform well in your lab activities. But if you didn’t, Karma will instruct you to repeat your experiment with every mistake you make, over and over and over again, until you get it right. In every failed experiment, you have to check what you did wrong. You need to relearn the process to see where you need to make tweaks. Eventually, this will lead to the experiment’s success.  If we look at karma from this point we see that it doesn’t have any bad side; only good. Karma wants you to see that what you did is wrong and that you must work your way to making it right – really right!

We are responsible for the choices we make.
The “bad things” that came are actually the result of how you treated yourself.
This is the real karma.
Learn from it.

If you need to apologize for your mistake then do it but remember to forgive yourself too. Your decisions are yours, not someone else’s. Every bad thing you do to others is actually you causing harm to yourself. Accept your faults even if it’s hard. Learn from situations, whether they may be good or bad. Always remember to be good to yourself.

Photo courtesy of Alya Rodriguez


  1. I believe both in good and bad karma. We are the one deciding our karma so we better learn from it and always be good to ourselves and to others.

  2. you reap what you sow ... you get what you gave back ... an eye for an eye ... I believe in that

  3. i believe in karma - it's basically the golden rule: if you don't want others do such things to you, then don't do it to them in the first place... same with the universe

  4. well the law of karma comes to those who misuse it for their own gains at the expense of others. tama, better be good to others than oneself kasi it follow na rin afterwards!

  5. it's just like the golden rule - do good to others and others will do good to you; don't do to others what you don't want others do to you...

  6. I believe in Karma also, thanks for sharing this

  7. yup i believe in karma, it's a universal law...better be good otherwise karma will haunt you to the very ends of the earth...

  8. i believe in karma so watch out what you are doing.

  9. Just try to do any good deed to others including to yourself in any occasion, something good would bounce back sometime in your life. (Good karma)

    Evil intention for you to gain something good, something evil will eventually get back at you. (Bad karma)

  10. Ahhh! Karma - just beware of our own actions all time.