Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I saw this poem while checking out "My Sassy Girl", the Korean version, in the internet. Reading it somehow reminded me of how much we wait for something to come back, hoping that it would ease the pain we felt brought by the emptiness of them not being there. But what if it didn't come back? are you still willing to wait for it?
God works in so many mysterious ways that what we somehow thought as we already know actually has more to unfold--at times they are just right under our noses, we're just too foolish looking afar rather than looking close by.
Waiting for something to come back may sometimes fool us. we keep on waiting for something familiar rather than expecting the unexpected. Things change but as we accept things no matter how painful they may be it is then that we realize that what what we waited for did come back only in a new form. cheers to happiness...

I'm waiting for the sky
to be blue again
I'm waiting for the smile
to come back again

Sometimes things are not
the way you planned
Sometimes they go wrong,
sometimes you can't stand...

The voice of the wind
tells me it is within
The roar of the air
gives me strength in despair

Oh, the sound of the trees
can make you fly off your feet
But the sound of silence
can make you see...

An angel of hope, can you see again?
The journey of life, can you live again?
A city of glory, can you feel again?
It's the spirit of love, can you love again?

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