Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blogging and My Thoughts


After more than a month....Finally!!!!

I miss BLOGGING! It's been a while and I really really miss this. It's been a while and in that span of time a lot has happened (even if it means me just staying home).

Although I wasn't writing, I was still visiting my blog. Unfortunately, in as much as I wanted to write whatever I was experiencing, work and school was always getting in the way. Not that those can stop me, it was just that I don't want to break the momentum I had with work and I have always considered this blog as a leisure. I love writing and this is a proof of it. I wanted to become a writer when I was young...Be like Ate Ophie and have my short stories or poems published in a Women's Magazine. At present, I am a writer, but not the type of writer I was planning on...but I must admit this "occupation" has definitely made me a better writer.

This blog is a proof that I still am holding to that dream (along with the many others I have). I am a girl who wishes to be many things and I did become that girl (although stress took over). In time I know I can have that dream of having a book published (my novel) and at the same time enjoy being an artist (in the field or writing and hopefully photography), and practice my profession as an engineer. For now all I can do is write this blog entry to ensure my readers (if I have any) that I'm still breathing....

Expect many changes this year! This girl had a great 2010 and claims 2011 to be better. There will be more hardships yet I do not wish to dwell on those but rather enjoy what I have at present. I may be lacking sleep too due to work and school but I'll still find that time to at least enjoy a meal out even by myself. Who says I need to have a date to enjoy good food? Hopefully I'll be blogging about them as well (especially my visit at Pidru's) and hopefully that plan to have a new cell phone (after loosing my last one) would push through this year (that would mean more pictures since I intend to have one with a cam). Other than this blog I'll be putting up two other blogs which would feature my novel and of course poems.

Before I end this blog post, I would like to thank those who continue to support me: firstly my family who constantly remind me to sleep and prepare for school (Mama Thank You for walking with me whenever I'd go out of the house), secondly my relatives (especially Papa Ace for being a second dad and always being there for me no matter what/ Mama Merce and Mama Ding who constantly remind me through emails to hold on to my faith and to align my work and my thoughts to God/ Ate Ophie for inspiring me to be a writer), thirdly my college instructors (I do not wish to mention names since each one gave a contribution to what I am now), fourthly my friends (from Manila to Legazpi to Sorsogon) thank you for raising me up and being there always and lastly (and most especially) to God for making me a part of these people's (I've mentioned) lives (and them to mine).

I still have places to go, people to meet, and things to do; and before I move on and write more, I have to get back to work and later to my studies....I still have a reporting this Saturday morning! *smiley*

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