Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Winning Piece: Never Fails To Give Me A WARM Smile!!!

Be the Change...

Last May 2009, I got call from a company that I sent an application too. Actually this company was the first I applied to without any back-up person/s within its premise (and imagine I got a call from them). It was as if DESTINY had really planned for me to be there....

SLTCFI (Southern Luzon Technological College  Foundation Inc.) was my first employer (an employer without any uncles or aunties or godparents or family friends to back me up). Luck was with me that time when I first came to respond to their call--I have no idea as to what position I was going to apply for except for the idea that they were in need of a Computer Engineer (according to a friend). They then gave me these choices: to be a web developer, an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer), an Instructor, or a Writer. I wanted to become a web  developer, however I was just starting out with my HTML (Java and PHP was impossible for me to learn in just a short time). I wasn't familiar back then with SEO, and I wish to be an instructor, but the head of the HR department was not there that time. Luckily the assessment for the writing position was ongoing when I came that day that after a few minutes of sitting and being interviewed at the HR office I found myself writing a sample article (assessment for the writing position). I passed that day...

Then came the training and the teaching demo (days later) which I passed! I was already expecting to get my first assignment for teaching that semester and was ready to give up on the writer position until came the last day with Ms. Abby and Ms. Tabby (the trainers). 

Below is the piece that gave me the job which I love and enjoy. I may not be in SLBPO anymore yet the memories of friends, the skills I've learned, and the life I had at night time (I was in night shift) was something that I will always be thankful for. I was once a girl with crutches who thought there was no hope to be noticed and was forever bounded by my disability. The next thing after SLBPO is what pushed me to go forward with my masters and complete my methods of teaching: they took me as a part time instructor in SLTCFI--a positioned I passed a year ago (yes! I taught college, went up and down staircases, and I survived and loved the job--something someone thought of as impossible for me to accomplish). I will forever be grateful to SL, especially those who saw beyond the differently-abled girl. They gave me the start I needed to boost me up into action....THANK YOU!!!


Feeling the warmth

It’s been more than a decade since our family decided to live in Bicol. To be specific, the year was 1998—I was a sophomore in high school and the move was frustrating—frustrating in the sense that at that time, back in my old alma matter, things were looking up for me: Class was great, friends were good, and I had just been accepted in the school publication. I had no idea what awaits me…never thought that the frustrating move could be so much better.

There are no better words to describe Bicol than the warmth of its people. Filipinos may be known for it, but it seems moving here made me really understand its meaning. From the way they speak to their movements, it seems that their simple ways gives that inviting feel that keeps me going back to that place.

Since the move, I had gained more friends—more so than before—and had excelled far more than I had hoped for. And even though I’ve experienced more rains than sunny days, for me there is nothing warmer than Bicol…

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