Saturday, December 31, 2011

ON TO 2012—THANK YOU 2011!

Let's meet the 2012 with happiness in our hearts!

I don’t want to end 2011 without my year-end post, especially since I didn’t get to write a blog post last Christmas due to the power interruptions. But since that has passed and the present is more important, here I am, writing what I call my leap-of-faith article. 
Leap of Faith….

I honestly have no idea what to write except that 2011 has been a great year. I know a lot of terrible things have happened just like the recent Typhoon Sendong incident. But just like the previous devastation that came (especially the Pinatubo incident back in 1991), I know that its victims will rise from this event victorious. 

Life goes on. We only have to move either backward or forward. There’s no in-between-choice as if we’re going to stay where we are at present. Just like grabbing an opportunity, we can only say yes or no to it. We may not know what will become of us in the future or whether we’ll remain victims of the things that have passed; then again why worry about the future when the present actually makes it. We hold the present right? Of course we have to acknowledge the fact that there are things that go out of our control, but these things have actually happened time and again already. We can therefore say that to make a change we just have to react to events according to what we have learned from past experiences. Some of these solutions might be considered risky but many have already taken this path and succeeded…

I believe 2012 will be a better year! I have no proof to this claim except that I have been in this situation before—unknowing of what 2010 or 2011 will be for me. Those years went about just fine even with all the problems. Now that I mentioned them I have to admit that today, the last day of 2011, I look back not only on the events that happened this year but also those that came before it. It may have been a roller coaster ride with all the laughter and tears but I have to admit I cherished it. It’s been exhilarating that I look forward to the next one called 2012, which by the way I claim to be my year (and I believe the rest should claim it theirs too). All I can do now is be thankful….

Now we are again at a point where we choose whether to make 2012 a great year for us or not.

The decision is yours to make...
Not mine or someone else’s.

What the rest of the world says are just options—

You are responsible for your own life

You create your own possibilities...

There have been many lessons learned and now there is so much to share; and as I end this post let me say thank you: for the pain, for the comfort, for the discouragement and the encouragement. These are things that never fail to be present every year, but what the heck! These are the things that made us come to enjoy our “now”…the same things that should make us look forward to the future…

Now let’s meet this year with smiles not only on our faces but most especially in our hearts….

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Joanne Gonzales Taylor


  1. Yes, life is a choice. At its worst, we have the choice to look for the lessons to be able to gain something good from it. :)

  2. well said ate jenny. very inspiring. :) happy new year.

  3. Happy New Year too Maden and c5!!!

  4. nice post jhen:) Hapi nyu yer 2 u and to ur family:) keep on blogging:)

  5. Happy New Year to you .Here's wishing you a more fruitful year ahead .Pain and trials will always be a part of our life but the important thing is how yuo deal with it.Life is a choice so we better make the best out of it.

  6. i agree, we are responsible for our own life and our life is our message to the world, so let us be an inspiration. happy new year!

  7. own it ... own 2012 and it will be yours :)

  8. Very well said. Life is all about choices. And it is your choice too to make it better. Happy New Year to you and your family. :)

  9. indeed. there's not much things to say for the coming year since we are yet to welcome it but with 2011, a lot were. what's impt is we are able to start it just like we want. happy new year

  10. Happy new year to you me too, Ive can't think of what I should post except to say thank you for 2011.

  11. That little girl's cute smile made me smile too, though mine is not as cute, hehe. A blessed 2012 to you and your loved ones!

  12. That is a beautiful smile. Happy New Year. I wish you all the best too for 2012.

    Keep smiling and be merry. Happy Happy New Year to you.


    koreandoll | miss angel

  13. I like that...
    Attitude at its best!

  14. happy new year jen! hope you continue to grow as a blogger and inspire more readers and fellow bloggers. may you have more rewards on all great things that you'll do...

    happy 2012!

  15. Nice thoughts! :) I believe that we are responsible for our own life. There will come a time that there will be problems but it is up to us to dwell in sorrow or move on from it.

    Happy New Year! ^__^ I wish a 2012 for you that is full of love, happness and exciting adventures. :)

  16. similarly I also claimed 2012 as my year, share tau ha?

    love, health and success for 2012! aja!

  17. Thanks everyone and Happy 2012!
    @Yuuki sureness share tau! and share natin sa lahat! AJA!!! ;)

  18. Life is a choice so we better make the best out of it. You got a very encouraging post here. Happy New Year!

  19. You're absolutely right. That 2012 is yours! You charter the right course for your life's destiny for you're the captain of your soul and you're the master of your fate! Good luck to 2012. May you attain all your plans with flying colors!

    More in me at T.R.U.T.H.

  20. the last year truly was challenging but it also had offered a lot of good things... happy 2012, jhen... Yahweh bless.