Monday, February 22, 2010

Anne's Babe

I wasn't really planning on it but I'm glad I did go.

Today is a great day and I hope it continuous for the whole week. Earlier this morning my laptop was totally infected with virus that I must say "thanks very bigtime" to Daddy (Vivencio) for saving it (although I can't say the same for my files....they're so wrecked). Another good news is that I got my black closed high heeled shoes all fixed and looking brand new. It's difficult for me to get new ones especially with the attention on details needed for my feet plus the fact that my sizes don't come available that easily.

Of all the great things that made my day was this one fact about life and about a friend that contributed to who I am presently....

Anne and her babe....

yup she is a M-O-M!

and I'm the next N-I-N-A-N-G (Godmother)!

We were on our way to drop Jemai (my sister) to the badmintton court after going to El Retiro. So as not to make things a bit hassle on our way we passed by the route where Anne lives. Papa did stop at the site of baby clothing hanged at the front of Anne's house. The next events were funny. A guy was at the gate when we came and I just opened the van's door to ask if she was there. The guy (whom i think is Anne's cousin), turned to call her out. Yup! the signal that she saw me came as she cried my name. Coming from an engineering background, where girls are also considered as "boys", our usual shouts for conversation seemed normal (although scandalous for many) but what made me see then was different than normal--it was special.

Anne, Kahren, Me and Roselle

She came out holding the baby looking as if we were still in college (and like she was just baby sitting LOL). Nothing has changed--between us that is. We have been apart for years yet it's as if she and I did not part for so long. It's as if we saw each other yesterday.

There I was, still riding inside the van, but aged in numbers and experiences--single and making through my career--while she was there standing in front of me outside the van's door holding her babe Kate. We did take different paths yet the friendship we started was there. She taught me to be frank, to not let anybody put me down (besides family). She was one of my best friends.

We may have been apart but it was then that I realize true friends stay with each other. Come to think of it she was a part of me--she added up to who I am now.

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that
they grow separately without growing apart

- Elizabeth Foley


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