Monday, February 15, 2010

Memories in the Cam

I never thought I'd see these again.

Valentines was supposed to remind me I was still single and my only date was my pillow and the television (and if I have anything good book to read that would be an additional). Although I never complained as to how "single" I was (since I'm enjoying it), it would be nice to be able to celebrate it with someone (or Valentines Day was also Clarissa Cambel's birthday, the reason why Valentines was always exciting and not the boring day indoors kinda thing... Clarissa, Ann as we usually call her, is married and I'm pretty sure enjoying motherhood. I never got a chance to visit her and her family recently due to my schedule not to mention I'm not in Sorsogon most of the time. Yesterday however, as I check my sister's sling bags, I found the digicam instead. I turned it on...browsed the was all still there..... The pics which we shot from the time when I graduated in college till my brother's birthday a year ago was all there. It was a like having a background check flashed on the cam's screen (hey check out the Jimenez kids and see how dorky they can be!!!). It was funny--and emotional. I saw my mom's picture and my grandma's too. Now they're both in heaven.

mama and mama pat
The pics were proof of how colorful life was and how different now is. Mama's here but I can't see her (so is Mama Pat), I don't know when I can get out of the house and have fun with only just me and my friends (recently my dad's been driving me around).

(Unfortunately incomplete) me and the gang two days after we graduated

picture taking after graduation with Fr. Frank and Ann's cousins

(from left to right) Jonee and Jennibeth (friend's since high school) me, sir dan, kahren, roselle, and ann

@ ARICA Hotel with drinking session with the gang (JUSTIN"S B-DAY)

more of the drinking session with my dad

It's amazing how technology has captured moments and even memories which at times are vivid. It was like doing a background screening of my cam--how much it has taken and how long was it when we last got hold of it. Oh well.... Valentines may be over but Clarissa has definitely aged another year (HAPPY BIRTHDAY Boi!). As for me I need to clear the memory card of the cam and keep the pics someplace else. After all these are reminders of loved ones, of those who loved us and continually do, and the fact that I was once upon a time slim and in dire need of dieting.

Peace and love,and a HAPPY VALENTINES!

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