Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Understanding my brother's vanity

Understanding my brother’s vanity can sometimes be hilarious.

Firstly I am the eldest and therefore should be the role model.
Secondly I am the girl and therefore should be very conscious of my looks.
Thirdly I am the one with work and should therefore be more capable of buying and trying out products (I think it is but normal at my age not to mention).

So it was funny (and weird) enough for me to find a milk mask solution together with the lotion at our place in Sorsogon. At first I was thinking it was my sister's, but when I asked her she told me it was Jay's. Knowing how vain my brother was hearing this was not surprising at all (however I can't help myself but laugh that he had to go this far).

I was completely use to the fact that he's vanity kit is more packed with beautifying solutions from facial soaps to lotions to moisturizers to facial scrubs; take note they are more branded than mine. The milk mask was something new to me.

After learning that it was jay's, I tried it (ignorance can make a fool out of man and I don't want to be that fool). Feeding my curiosity I read the instructions and did what was stated. If there was something to describe the experience it was that it felt like I was placing PVA glue on my face. Doing this in front of the mirror was like watching "Art Attack".

So there I did it and I have to let it sit on my face for 10 to 20 minutes. While waiting the replay of American Idol was on so I just sat on the couch and watched the "dark horse" did that amazing belting (while I feel like a dork for putting that mask on).

After 10 minutes (I don't want to push on for 20).....

I returned to in front of the mirror and started peeling the mask off. Again if there was one thing to describe the feeling it was like removing a disguise those done in "Mission Impossible". After pasting--err--placing the gooey stuff on my face peeling it off was fun. After my face was cleared of it I must admit it was smoother.

1.The product was effective.
2. The whole experience made me think of myself as someone crazy.
3. My brother is definitely vainer than I thought he was.
4. Good thing I never have much breakout on my face to need the milk mask--for that was the first and last.

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