Thursday, March 4, 2010

On being alone

I have no idea as to how long can a magnet hold on to the metal except for the fact that the hands of time waits patiently for it to happen.

Just like friendship, there are times that the closest of buddies needs to part ways. There are times that we may feel different about it but this is how the story goes in real life. We connect and eventually we let go. It is sad to part ways especially if the heart is involved but it is during these times that we learn about practicality and how to face reality.

It is up to us how we'll hold on to dear faith knowing that there are things ahead which are far greater than those we let go; lessons are but part of them. It is normal to say that denial is but part of it and giving in will eventually follow--accepting it! It is part of growth and we can't deny ourselves that.

I guess the least we can all do is to move on....

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