Thursday, March 4, 2010

Q and A

There are things which we at times can't understand yet are meant to happen for a reason.

Lately, I must admit, going to work is looking forward to that one hour break where we have to turn off our computers and go to the pantry to have our Q and A sessions. It may have started just last week (or was it two weeks ago) but it is definitely one crazy ride. There are certain things that I have noticed and realized about whatever it is that's bothering me. For every conversation we make and as I listen to other people's questions were like having a background check result thrust at me without even asking it. And what benefits did I get?

It gave me the opportunity to know who they really were behind the jokes and the laughs.

The wisdom on things as I see it in their different point of views (a person need not experience things in order to learn).

The fact that I miss a lot of thing: firstly, when I was in manila and secondly, when I was in college

and lastly it's a secret....

it is surprising how people search for answers which are just right there in front of them waiting to be revealed. It made me think how people can be foolish at times to know the answers yet are just waiting to hear them from other people's mouths (guilty!). But I do admit lately when my spirit is down and there they were having snacks while exchanging ideas, it surges that hope that somehow those answers which I’ve always wanted to hear would come to me unexpectedly and everything would be ok.

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