Sunday, February 27, 2011

I've been to Pidru's

It's not Juan, nor Santiago nor Jose - not even Pedro - who had recently captured my interest (although these are names of the four Jimenez brothers whom my family call ancestors)...and it's not even a's dining...

My sister Jemai and a serving of tapsilog

I've been gone from Sorsogon City for more than a year and now that I'm back a lot of things have changed. Some of these are the establishment; I never thought I'd see a classy club, a billiards  joint (with a comfy look), and coffee shops here in Sorsogon City. Previous years have convinced me that there are simply changes, no matter how good they are, that some Sorsoganons are not accepting. However my dad was right; it's easier to adjust to changes from something rural to one that’s more urban (like Sorsogon City)—it was harder getting used to living from urban to rural (like me). It may have taken me a while to become adept to how things go here in the province (since my move from Manila), yet even as I have gotten used to it  God knows how much I wished most people here can start seeing things differently—appreciate changes and do things without worrying about prejudices nor become one for others.

Legazpi somehow satiated my thirst for the urban and now that I'm back here in Sorsogon (and also things about me that I lost and missed most) I find me visiting Pidru's

Pidru's is that cute resto just behind Goodshot Billiards (another place I wish to take pictures). I went there first with my sister and I never thought that I'd go back. It was a homey place with all the trinkets and ornates made from natural products like coconut husks and shells. It was a good comeback for me in Sorsogon, especially as I saw a place where I see myself with my nose on a book while enjoying brewed coffee.

I love the place: it is clean,  artistic and the food's great! The best part in dining here is it costs less  compared to other restos with the same ambiance and serving (trust me you'll feel full after a helpful serving at Pidrus without spending more than a hundred pesos).

Here are some of the photos I took at Pidru's using Justin's (my brother) cell phone... (my take at photography...*wink*)

Capiz Ornate

Handicrafted bags for sale at Pidrus

Capiz window shutters to a wall decor
(one of my favorites)

A cup of my brew (kapeng barako)

Shells by the window

Capiz window decor

photos by Jenny, Jeremy and Justin Gonzales Jimenez

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