Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Morning Walk

The already risen sun

I love my early morning walks; although I haven't done much of it recently, I’ll definitely do it again! When I started doing it I was only limited to our yard, but with the terrain I can't help worrying about tripping over--in other words I DON'T ENJOY IT! Good thing my sister finally took me to the pier to do some walks.

Tae-bo session
Sorsogon Baywalk (the pier) was the perfect place to do my walking exercises. Other than the gentle breeze there was another reason why I wanted to do my walks at the pier: to catch the sunrise. After someone at the office told me of the beautiful morning we had (I was assigned to the evening shift back then)—the pink reddish sunrise—I wanted to see it again. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen that same sunrise again; and I'm missing it. To be honest I haven't seen sunrises as pretty as that—it was just so amazing; as if someone had painted it especially for me. But I guess it's going to be a while before I’ll see it again....

I wasn't able to see the sunrise that morning when we had our walk. The sun was already up. Instead I was surprised to see many people with jogging pants and rubber shoes on. There was a group of women having their tae-bo session while their husbands jogged back and forth; another group was doing some boxing exercises. I was completely overwhelmed by the number of people present that morning compared to the usual time I spend there with my friends (which was after working hours). It seems mornings at the pier were busier compared to its afternoons (and I never thought there are a lot of health conscious people in Sorsogon). With the number of people present that morning, and for a girl with crutches wearing jogging pants and rubber shoes, that morning became a challenge.

Where's Jenny?
I was completely aware that there would be lots of eyes wandering on my direction – and it did. As I took my walking I saw glances coming my way, checking me out; I was even asked by those whom I cross paths with  if I was okay or if I needed any help at all (my sister jogged to the docks). I told them I was fine and that I can manage; smiled to them and continued my walk. I never really liked grabbing much attention and I know I should have gotten used to it by now.  What the heck! I was there, the stares were normal (since a girl with crutches doing her walking exercise at the pier, on her own, was something new to most people there), and I need my walk. 

I had a few turns before my sister and I headed to light candles at the cathedral. It was a day to be grateful -- I have surpassed another challenge and I had a great time. I may not have caught the sunrise but just like the pink reddish sky my officemate-slash-friend shared with me during one of our last mornings at the office (we were both resigning) I felt a new and beautiful sunrise come up inside me....

Oh...I was wearing a pink tee and red jogging pants too...haha *wink*

Photos by Jenny and Jeremy Gonzales Jimenez 

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